Der schöne Freitag - Berlins Tangonacht

07. Apr

Praktika mit Cyrena & Steinar aus Oslo, Demo + DJ Rafael

20.00 Praktika/offene Klasse mit Cyrena Drusine & Steinar (USA/Norwegen) zum Thema "Sacadas" (10€). 21.30 Uhr Tangonacht mit DJ Rafael und Demo Cyrena & Steinar (6€)

Wir haben heute Besuch aus Oslo, wo das sympathische Paare seine eigene Tangoschule führt. Sie sind auf Berlin Besuch und stellen sich heute mit einer Tanzdemo dem Publikum im TTMS auf - wir dürfen gespannt sein. 

Workshops Samstag 8.4.

WS 1 15.30-17.00 Uhr  Tanztechnik für Folgende mit Cyrena Drusine: "ladies technique and styling"  (Unterricht auf Englisch)

During my ladies technique classes I focus on exercises that will help build strength in your feet and in your center so that you can improve your balance and control over your movements. Because of my training as a former ballet dancer, I am very meticulous about how to shape and use your feet. I am not only concerned with how the movements look, but also how they feel. I want to help you express yourself with your legs and feet. I will teach you the secrets of adornos, how to dance to the music and how to develop a dynamic dance. I think it is important as a follower to develop your own dance so you can have fun and express herself no matter who you are dancing with.

WS 2 17.15-18.45 Uhr  Cyrena & Steiner für Paare: "Alles was rund ist: Boleos, Drehungen und Alterationen / "circularity: boleos, giros and alterations": 

Our classes focus on a theme or concept that we would like to work on. We start with a warm-up where we do some individual technique exercises and then we pair up into couples where we will teach you other exercises that will help you complete the sequence we have prepared. The rest of the class will focus on learning the sequence and incorporating the technique we have practiced. The focus is not necessarily on mastering the steps but instead on the quality of movement, how the steps feels and the technique used to execute the steps.


Workshop (90 min) = 20€ pro Person / 35€ pro Paar


Cyrena Drusine began her life as a dancer and performer as a ballet dancer in New York City. She studied at The School of American Ballet for 10 years and performed with The New York City Ballet as a child and the Pacific Northwest Ballet when she was 18. In addition to ballet, Cyrena has studied various dance forms such as Jazz, Contemporary, West-African, Hip-Hop and Salsa. She is also a Pilates instructor and has been practicing Pilates for 20 years. In 2005 Cyrena started dancing Tango in Buenos Aires where she studied with various Tango masters, such as Rodolfo Dinzel and Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera. Cyrena won the first U.S. Tango championship in Tango Salon in July 2007 and made it to the finals at the World Championship in Buenos Aires.  Cyrena has taught and performed throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Japan.  In 2008 and 2009 Cyrena performed with the world-renowned company Tango Pasion in Europe and in 2009-2010 she began toured with the company La Esquina de Carlos Gardel. In 2010 she was a judge in the Tango Championship in Asia. Cyrena has performed in various milongas in Buenos Aires as well as in some of the most famous tango houses such as Tango Porteño, La Esquina de Carlos Gardel and El Querandi.     
Cyrena completed her master's in Performance Studies at New York University in May 2008 where she wrote, Una Emocion: A Tango of Memories, Nostalgia and History, a thesis which focused on the sensual experience of tango in Buenos Aires. In 2009 she was a guest lecturer on tango at New York University's study abroad program in Buenos Aires. In January 2011 Cyrena started the company Narrative Tango Tours, a personalized tango tour company for tourists visiting Buenos Aires. Cyrena currently lives in Oslo, Norway where she teaches and performs.
Steinar Refsdal began dancing Argentine Tango in Norway 4 years ago. Soon after he began, he moved to Buenos Aires for a year and half where he studied extensively with some of the most renowned tango teachers such as Francisco Forquera, Alejandra Gutty, Silvio La Via, Corina Herrera, Moira Castellano, Dario Daniele and Pancho Martinez Pey. While in Buenos Aires he performed at Casa de Anibal Troilo. Since returning to Norway he has been teaching, performing and DJ-ing at various milongas in Oslo, Paris and Copenhagen. Steinar and Cyrena were invited to perform in Malmø as part of their yearly Festivalito. They also performed among other well-known European performers at Quintessentially Scandinavia’s 10 year anniversary party. Steinar has a bachelor in Performing Arts Jazz, and his background as a Jazz musician gives him a unique understanding of musicality and improvisation in Tango. He is also a certified teacher and draws from his experience teaching music to try to give his students the best possible learning experience.