Matias Iriarte & Celeste Rodriguez

22. Jun
"Old milongueras structures" (with visual material)

Workshop mit Matias Iriarte & Celeste Rodriguez. Matias Iriarte hat mit Celeste Rodriguez für die "Domilonga" in BsAs zusammengearbeitet. Eine alternative Milonga mit familiärer Atmosphäre - offen für alternative Tangostrukturen wie z.B. die "Tango Queer / LGTB" Bewegung. Rollentausch willkommen. 

15.30-18.30 Workshop zum Thema "Old milongueras structures! (with visual material)  mit Matias Iriarte & Celeste Rodriguez 

Preis: 35|28€ pro Person


Vita Matias Iriarte

Tango dancer, born in Buenos Aires Capital Federal in 1982. Matias started his career as a dancer in 1995 at the age of 13. Some of his main teachers are Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Raul Bravo, Eduardo Pareja, Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio. In 2004, he started traveling through Argentina, working as an assistant and teacher in many cities in La Patagonia. Performing exhibitions in different cities of Argentina as well as in traditional places of Buenos Aires: Café Tortoni, Teatro Colonial, Milonga Gricel, Milonga La Catedral, Domilonga, Milonga Tango Queer, Esquina Homero Manzi, among others. In 2007 he traveled to Europe knowing milongas in Paris, London, Madrid, Rome. Being invited to attend and intervene classes in these cities as a guest teacher. Back in Argentina he continued his work in Patagonia and Buenos Aires as a teacher of tango in various schools in the country. As well as attending classes of great renown and with outstanding professors. Since 2015 working together with Aurora Lubiz. Performing exhibitions in traditional milongas of the Federal Capital and as professors at the Escuela Argentina de Tango.

In 2017 Matías was invited to work as a resident professor for one of the oldest and most important schools in Shanghai. Performing exhibitions, preparing students and assistants, who in June 2018 were champions and runners-up of the most important competitions of Asia, sub-base of the world tango championship inclusive. In 2019 he was invited to USA to give workshops and perform at one of the most important milongas of New York: All Night Milonga. Currently developing, together with colleagues, a dance company called Reliquias Porteñas and working as teacher and co-organizer in La Domilonga Tango in Buenos Aires. Continuing in the formation and development of the traditional style that gave rise to our tango.